The spicy assortment of “Bizim Sufre” ketchup, which will turn into a delicious detail of your dishes, has own taste due to your palatal-delight. Hamburgers, toasts, any kind of fries, pastes, pizza and other products are the perfect companion to your dishes and has own place on your tables.


Tomato paste, glucose, sugar, vinegar, ascorbic acid (E300), iodized salt, starch, natural flavours, natural hot pepper flavour, stabilizer complex: guar gum (E412),  locust bean gum (E410),  pasteurized water.

Total Weight: 200/350/500q

Total Values of 100 gr Product

Fat: 0.1 q

Protein: 0.014 q

Carbohydrate: 21.72 q

Energy:343 kC / 82 kkal

Inner Piece:40 ədəd

Note:Product of Azerbaijan. GMO free. Keep away from sunrays. 

Nutrition facts
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