Chicken with mushroom sauce, potatoes with mushroom sauce! This perfect combination comes with mushroom sauce. Due to the nutritional value, made of the meat, fruits and vegetables, the mushroom we make will add special flavor to your fried sauces and salads.


Pasteurized water, sunflower oil, sugar, emulsifier and stabilizer complex:   egg yolk powder, E1422, E412, E415, E551,  vinegar (E260), salt, mushroom,  potassium sorbate (E202), EDTA (E385).      

Total Weight:250q

Total Values of 100 gr Product

Fat: 36 q

Protein: 18 q

Carbohydrate: 0.65 q

Energy:1648 kC /  394 kkal

Inner Piece:24 ədəd

Note:Product of Azerbaijan. GMO free.

Nutrition facts
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